The Corporate and Project Management Institute invites for cooperation students of Moscow higher educational establishments to student internships and training with possible subsequent employment at CPMI or partner companies.

Types of internships:

  • Research;
  • Work;
  • Pre-degree.

Internship topic: the study and consolidation of the unique historical experience of project management in a topical area.

Internship term: the summer period in the dates determined by the student's higher educational establishment.


  • Scanning and structuring the document archive of historical experience for the formation of the CPMI Experts Library;
  • Maintaining a document register on historical experience;
  • Analysis and formation of a short annotation for the document register;
  • Participation in the formation of a list of experts from a number of well-known Soviet managers, their interview, according to an agreed-upon questionnaire, on the subject of their experience in the realization of large-scale projects;
  • Participation in the formation of a list of the largest projects in the Russian Federation and the USSR, an integrated analysis of the management methods in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods on the basis of the collected questionnaires;
  • Writing analytical review articles on the results of the research;
  • Participation in the formation of a generalized database about the Russian school of management.


  • Possibility to use tried and tested materials for your graduation thesis;
  • Possibility to receive recommendation letters after completing the internship;
  • Possibility of subsequent employment at CPMI on the results of assessments of work efficiency during the course of the internship;
  • Possibility of subsequent employment at a partner company of CPMI.

For any questions concerning the internship, please contact Darya Romanova:

  • telephone: +7 (499) 787-90-03
  • e-mail: