The Corporate and Project Management Institute invites for cooperation higher educational establishments, research institutes and academic organizations currently working on the problematics of corporate and project management.

In the course of cooperation we offer:

  • Collaborative sociological and academic research concerning the relevancy of existing and new approaches in corporate and project management;
  • Collaborative events (round tables, seminars and conferences) in the topical areas of corporate and project management;
  • The creation of collaborative working groups for consulting support to third-party organizations, including on a commercial basis;
  • A collaborative expert column on corporate and project management in professional and topical publications;
  • The creation of a collaborative course in the topical area of project management as part of continuing education programs;
  • The publication of a collaborative book/ methodological textbook in the topical area of project management;
  • The opportunity to complete work/ research/ pre-degree internships at CPMI.

Advantages of a partnership with CPMI:

  • Expansion of academic and business contacts.
  • On-hand experience and opportunities to work with a unique community of experts in a large number of functional spheres and areas of management.