October 30, 2020 in Moscow on the basis of the Moscow State Law University named after O.E. Kutafina (Moscow State Law Academy) hosted the XII International Forum "Innovative Development through the Intellectual Property Market".

NIIKPU acted as an information partner of the event.

The International Forum is held on an annual basis under the auspices of the UN and invariably brings together delegations from all EAEU and CIS countries (in 2020 - from 17 countries of the world).

Within the framework of the Forum, two plenary and five specialized session sessions were held, in which about 250 participants took part (taking into account the restrictions on the pandemic, 40-in-person, the rest - in an online format on the Zoom platform), representing 5 academies of sciences and 7 academic institutions , 24 universities, 9 ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, 26 major state corporations and holdings, half of them are scientists, incl. 8 academicians of state academies of sciences, 33 doctors and 47 candidates of sciences in various fields of scientific knowledge. During the business program of the Forum, about 70 scientific reports were presented.

The public discussion resulted in drafts of national and interstate standards and the development of practical recommendations for WIPO, WTO, ISO, SCO, CIS, EAEU, Union State, national parliaments and governments of countries in the Eurasian space.

XII Forum program included a plenary session on the topic: "The Eurasian Intellectual Property Market: Priorities and Prospects - 2030" with the presentation of the annual report "On the state of legal protection, use and protection of intellectual property in the EAEU and CIS countries in 2019" and five session sessions, within the framework of the following topics were discussed:

  • Session # 1. "Intellectual property market and competitiveness in the digital economy (at the national and regional levels)"
  • Session # 2. "Intellectual property and competitiveness of enterprises in attracting investment and diversifying production: key performance indicators" (industry and corporate level)
  • Session # 3. "Intellectual property and anti-corruption in public procurement in the field of R&D"
  • Session # 4. "Intellectual property and protection against unfair competition and counterfeit in international cooperation"
  • Session # 5. "Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources for the Intellectual Property Market"

Following the results of the forum collection of reports and materials of the forum (in Russian and English), as well as a special issue of the federal scientific journal (VAK stamp) "Intellectual Property Law".

A source: https://rniiis.ru