September 2, 2020 Director of NIIKPU took part in the Tatarstan Oil and Gas Chemical Forum, which was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Tatar ASSR.

The forum was attended by 9412 people, 102 enterprises from 18 regions of Russia took part. Germany, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Japan and the Republic of Belarus presented their products.

The Forum was launched by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. “We all miss such forums. I am very sorry that not all of our partners were able to come, but the bulk of the participants are here. I am sure that this forum is in great demand and is very necessary, ”the head of the republic noted.

Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Anton Inyutsyn in his welcoming speech also stressed that the forum is a significant place in the regional calendar of events. “I wish those gathered here to exchange views, so that new technologies emerge ... The line of products that are currently being produced in Tatarstan and in general in other regions that are tied to petrochemicals will really be the most breakthrough industry in the coming years.”

The official opening ceremony of the Forum was also attended by:

  • Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan - Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Albert Karimov;
  • Gennady Shmal, President of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia;
  • Nail Maganov, General Director of PJSC TATNEFT named after Shashin;
  • Ruslan Shigabutdinov, General Director of TAIF JSC;
  • Vice-President of PJSC NK Lukoil - General Director of JSC RITEK Nikolai Nikolaev.

At the opening ceremony of the Forum, to honor the winners of the competition "Leader of the Polymer Processing Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan". This year the Grand Prix in the nomination "Leader of innovations in the production and processing of rubbers and rubber products" was awarded to PJSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim".

Traditionally, the Tatarstan Oil and Gas Chemical Forum combined a business program and an exhibition display.

The Forum took place:

  • 27th International Specialized Exhibition “Oil, Gas. Petrochemistry ”is one of the leading industry exhibitions of the Volga Federal District, which is of particular importance for the development of the economy, technological infrastructure and technical re-equipment of enterprises of the Russian petrochemical complex. The exhibition has been awarded the marks of the World Association of the Exhibition Industry and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.
  • 10th specialized exhibition “GEO-KAZAN: Geological exploration. Geodesy. Cartography.
  • regional project "Interplastica Meeting Point Kazan", organized jointly with LLC "Messe Dusseldorf Moscow". There were presented: equipment for the production and processing of synthetic materials and rubbers, raw materials and auxiliary materials, products from polymer materials and rubbers, 3D Fab + print, additive manufacturing.

This year the leading manufacturers of equipment for the petrochemical, chemical and oil and gas complex, leaders of the petroleum engineering industry from various regions of the country, including: PJSC Tatneft named after V.D. Shashina, TAIF group of companies, TagraS-Holding LLC, Kazankompressormash OJSC, Yokogawa Electric CIS LLC, VELAN LLC, AUMA DRIVES LLC, Khimgrad Technopolis, GORELTECH Plant LLC and others.

The exhibitions demonstrated modern materials, equipment and technologies that ensure the efficient and safe operation of enterprises of the petrochemical complex. Among the new products:

Pipes and pipeline fittings

  • long-length flat-rolled sleeves, rubber metal winding; packers water-oil-swellable, heat-resistant from JSC "KVART";
  • KOSO control valve with VECTOR technology from OOO TD "Teplochet";
  • steam wellhead fittings and spring centralizers from LLC UK TMS Group.

Testing equipment

  • a unique portable metrology laboratory Beamex MC6-T (-R) from METROL LLC;
  • ultrasonic gas flow meters Q.Sonic and multifunctional volumetric diaphragm gas meters with electronic index from Elster Gazelectronica LLC;
  • ELEMER-AIR30M pressure sensors, MTI-100Ex electronic pressure gauges, thermal converters, signaling devices, liquid thermostats, automated pressure calibrators from ELEMER-UFA LLC;
  • ultrasonic multipoint signaling devices and bypass roller indicators of pressure and temperature levels from LLC Rizur.

New developments in explosion-proof and fire-retardant technology

  • device for emergency unblocking of emergency exits PKIVA-AV, LED lamps of the SGU06 series from LLC "Zavod GORELTECH";
  • certified complex solution for fire protection of fasteners of ventilation and smoke removal systems, air ducts - PRO-COMPLEX-VENT from LLC "Basalt Fire Protection Systems";
  • spark protection barriers ELEMER-BREEZE, BIZ, power supply units BP 916, BP / UPS316 from LLC ELEMER-UFA.

Pumps and pumping stations for the oil and gas industry

  • gas pumping unit manufactured by Kazankompressormash PJSC (HMS Group);
  • working bodies of the GNU for sections of horizontal pumping units from LLC MC Sistema-Service.

Cabling and wiring products and switchboard equipment

  • switchgears KRU GUDIRA-5110 and NKU SPASSK-89 from LLC ServisMontazhIntegratsiya;
  • silanol-crosslinkable polyethylene composition "Polisil 01K" and catalyst concentrates "Polisil 02" and "Polisil 02Ch" for the manufacture of insulation for self-supporting insulated wires and power cables from PC Polygran LLC;
  • multichannel industrial programmable logic controllers BAZIS, designed for solving problems of ESD and APCS, from JSC "Ecoresurs";
  • и многое другое.

Particular attention at the exhibition was drawn to the thematic exposition of enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan in the fight against coronavirus infection COVID-19. Anticoid developments were presented by: JSC Tathimpharmpreparaty, JSC Polymatiz, LLC Global Partner, LLC Ironindastrikompani, LLC Indigo, JSC Aromat, LLC Eidos Medicine, JSC NPO Tatelektromash, PJSC Zdravmedtech-Volga region "and others. At the stands one could see:

  • antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • medical masks;
  • nonwovens from spunbond and meltblown;
  • disposable protective suits;
  • disinfectants, antiseptics;
  • portable mini-laboratory for express diagnostics of COVID-19;
  • ultraviolet irradiator-recirculator.

Scientific and Technical Center "Automation, Measurements, Engineering" LLC ("STC" A2I ") presented a protective box for transportation of those infected with dangerous infections.

For the first time at the exhibition, a collective exposition of scientific and educational institutions that are part of the World-class Scientific and Educational Center of the Republic of Tatarstan, created by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan No. UP-115 dated February 24, 2020, was formed. Here their developments were presented by: Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev - KAI, Kazan State Power Engineering University, Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Federal Research Center "Kazan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences" other.

The business program of the Forum opened with an international conference "On a new paradigm for the development of oil and gas geology" with the participation of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N.Minnikhanov and more than 500 specialists from 9 countries. 159 reports were devoted to the management of mineral reserves, prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, development of oil, gas and oil and gas fields.

The central event of the Forum's business program was the Strategic Session "Development of the gas chemical complex in modern conditions: crisis or new opportunities?" with the participation of opinion leaders and industry experts, 20 thematic sections on the development of the fuel and energy complex were also held.

International conferences were also held within the framework of the Forum:

  • Circular economy in the petrochemical complex
  • Topical issues of geodesy and geographic information systems
  • Topical issues of metrological support for measuring the flow rate and amount of liquids and gases

Special attention at the Forum this year was paid to the direction of "Ecology". The round table "National Project" Ecology "and the 15th All-Russian Conference" Industrial Ecology and Safety "named after A.I.Schepovskikh took place. The following sections worked at the conference:

  • Circular economy, energy efficiency and environmental safety in waste management.
  • Conservation of biological diversity and development of territorial nature protection in the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • Pure water.
  • Fresh air.

The events of the Forum business program were held in modern conference halls with online connection of speakers from all over the world: Azerbaijan, Germany, Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Finland, Japan and other countries. Broadcast recordings of all business events are available on the platform

On September 4, traditional business meetings of chief technologists, mechanics, power engineers and metrologists of oil and gas and chemical enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan were held, organized on the principle of matchmaking - short meetings on a pre-planned schedule between suppliers and buyers. 79 business meetings were organized with the participation of 57 specialists from 23 leading enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan and 36 representatives from 34 companies participating in the exhibition.

During the Forum, a meeting of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan "On the implementation of the state program" Energy conservation and energy efficiency in the Republic of Tatarstan "following the results of 2019 and tasks for 2020 was held.

The Tatarstan Oil and Gas Chemical Forum annually confirms the status of an efficient business platform where partners find each other. This time, within the framework of the Forum, the following were concluded and signed:

  1. Cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Kemerovo Azot JSC.
  2. Agreement between Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Federal Environmental Operator" and LLC "Korib Metall" on the creation in the Republic of Tatarstan of conditions for the management of waste batteries of hazard classes I and II.
  3. Trilateral agreement on cooperation on the implementation and use of composite materials in the construction of small bridges on municipal and regional roads.
  4. Memorandum of cooperation between KNRTU KCTI and GC "Mirrico" - a developer and supplier of innovative solutions for the oil industry.

In addition, as we reported earlier, September 2, 2020 Director of NIIKPU took part in the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan "On the implementation of the state program" Energy conservation and energy efficiency in the Republic of Tatarstan "at the end of 2019 and tasks for 2020", which was held within the framework of the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum.