An article by the expert of the NII KPU, analyst of the Institute of Economic Strategies Sergei Lutsenko “The relationship of the categories of natural resources and a decent human life in the Constitution of the Russian Federation: the redistribution of rental payments in the interests of the population” (J. Modern Law, No. 1, 2019) was noted by the Department of Pan-European Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affairs of the Russian Federation and will be used in its practical work.

The author considers the features of legal categories that define natural resources as a national treasure, the basis of life and activities of peoples living in the corresponding territory. It is noted that at present in Russian society there is a request to change the system of withdrawal of rental payments from the exploitation of natural resources and create conditions for the redistribution of part of them directly in favor of the entire population of the country to achieve a decent standard of living for everyone. The redistribution of income from the exploitation of natural resources is defined as a necessary step on the path to gaining a national idea.

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