An article by an expert at the NII KPU, an analyst at the Institute of Economic Strategies Sergei Lutsenko, “Reviewing the interests of a legal entity towards a social benchmark” (Law and Economics magazine No. 10, 2019) was thanked by the Department of Economic Legislation of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

According to the author, corporate governance is a system of relationships between the company's management, its board of directors, shareholders and other interested parties. In addition, corporate governance is the basis for determining the goals of the organization, as well as determining the means to achieve these goals and ways to control its activities. Good corporate governance should create the appropriate interest of both the board of directors and management of the organization in pursuing goals that are in the interests of the organization and its shareholders, and should also ensure effective monitoring. The presence of an effective corporate governance system within individual organizations, as well as on the scale of the country's economy as a whole, helps to ensure the proper level of trust necessary for the normal functioning of a market economy.

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