Over the last years the Russian Federation and large companies have paid increasing attention to control for the investments in major projects, trying to raise the effectiveness of investments and minimize the inappropriate expenditures risk. Under these conditions, development of competence and the formation of expertise in the project and program management become especially relevant both in the structures of government and in commercial structures.

However, most existing control tools enable to estimate only the final result, leaving the regulatory authorities the opportunity to influence the project process.

But regular monitoring of the process and timely intervention can significantly reduce the completion period of the project  and also its final cost.

Therefore the Corporate and Project Management Research Institute was founded to improve the effectiveness of project management in Russia.

The Institute’s main objective is foundation of the national school and the practice of corporate and project management by combining the unique Soviet experience, integrating it with the best international practices and adapting it to the modern requirements and realities.
We use various tools and methods to improve the efficiency of the project management, including the systems of large-scale projects monitoring and tools of evaluation of the effectiveness of the projects management systems, the system of evaluation of the planned and actual performance indicators, systems of risk and issues management in the Institute researches.

We are confident that the CPMI experts’ knowledge and experience will help to improve the effectiveness of managing of large-scale projects and programs, enabling to plan out budgets correctly as well as to implement timely measures to minimize risks, to make adjustments in order to achieve the original objectives.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
of the CPMI




  • Foundation of a modern Russian school of  corporate and project management.


  • The widest possible dissemination of knowledge and national experience in the project management;
  • Development of corporate and project management culture at all levels of government and business administration;
  • Improvement of the implementation effectiveness of Russian large-scale programs and projects.


We combine a unique national experience, classical western techniques, and modern innovative technologies of corporate and project management.

In every project we use a special monitoring system that enables to control thoroughly the project’s process on the basic parameters (time, quality, budget) and to avoid or to respond timely to potential risks.

In our team we have only experts with practice experience from 10 to 40 years. They are specialists who constructed the BAM, the Olympic objects in Sochi and participated in the construction of objects such companies as Gazprom, Sberbank, Rosneft and others.