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Director of NIIKPU joined the expert section of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Agreement signed with PJSC Gazprom

NIIKPU project completed in the framework of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of NGV fuel

NIII KPU as part of the Working Group on the development of PPP and CS agreement mechanisms in the field of IT under the RSPP Committee on Digital Economy

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NII KPU E.Sh. Juraev joined the RSPP Board

Director NIII KPU joined the expert council of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

The participation of representatives of the Research Institute of the Communist Party in the composition of the expert council on the import substitution of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Director of the Research Institute of the Communist Party became a member of the Council of the RF CCI on Intellectual Property

Expansion of cooperation with PJSC "Lukoil"

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the CPMI was appointed as a member of the Expert Council on Import Substitution and Improvement of Innovation Public Procurement in the transport sector at the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

The CPMI is included in the TK-481 of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology of Russia

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Research Institute of the Communist Party was appointed a board member of the MIC board of PPP Development

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the СPMI is appointed a member of the Expert Council on the software under the Russian Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation

CPMI is included in TC 100 of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology

Activities CPMI received a high rating

Heads of CPMI were included in Center of Monitoring of Peoples’ Front for Russia

Coordinated participation of CPMI Experts as experts of Government Commission on Fuel-Energy Complex

Skolkovo and CPMI are joining forces in solving issues on import substitution in RF

Expert Council on payment systems under CPMRI was created with the aim of developing the research and development sector in the field of payment service providers.

The Chairman of the Expert Council on payment systems

Sergey Churnosov has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Experts. He has many years of professional experience in the field of electronic payments and telecommunications.

Sergey is the Chief Commercial Officer of the “Payler” company ( Sergey has considerable practical experience in the “MASTER-BANK”, “MEGAFON”, “DALSVYAZ”, “Novaya Telefonnaya Kompaniya” and “PortTelekom” companies.

Sergey has not only participated in the organization of several topical industry events on the development of electronic payment services, but has also spoken at these events several times. He is the author of several methodological manuals on Internet-acquiring and other methodological documents important for the industry.

Materials of the Expert Council on payment systems

The Expert Council on the Development of Relations with Countries of East under CPMI was created with the aim of conducting, on a regular basis, research in the field of Asian studies with a focus on economic and institutional problems.

The Chairman of the Expert Council on the Development of Relations with Countries of East

Sergey Demidenko graduated from the Faculty of History at the Moscow State Pedagogical University named after V.I. Lenin (MSPU).

In 2003 he defended his dissertation on “The Worker's party of Kurdistan and its role in combat of the Kurd nation in Turkey (1978 – 2000)”.

Since 2003 he has worked as a specialist-expert at the Institute of Strategic Assessment and Analysis.

Since 2007 – assistant professor at the Department of World Politics of the Faculty of World Economics and World Politics at the Higher School of Economics National Research University (HSE). He teaches the following courses: “The political and economic history of Arab countries” and “The economic policy of the Arab Eastern countries”.

Sergey is the author of several academic works, including the following multi-author books:

  • The Big Middle East: Incentives and Preliminary Results of Democratization. Moscow, 2007.
  • The World around Russia: 2017. The Contours of the Near Future. Moscow, 2007.
  • Russia and the World. A New Age. 12 Years Which Can Change Everything. Moscow, 2008.
  • The South Caucasus: The Trends and Problems of Development (1992-2008). Moscow, 2008.
  • Central Asia. Geopolitics and Region Economics. Moscow, 2010.
  • Contemporary Russian-Iranian Relations: Challenges and Opportunities (The Workbook of the Russian International Affairs Council). Moscow, 2014.

Moreover, Sergey is regularly published in various academic and popular scientific Russian publications (more than 50 articles).

Sergey is the resident expert at the “Voice of Russia” radio station. He also regularly participates in analytical programs on television channels RBK, Ren-TV, RT Arabic as a visiting expert.

Materials of the Expert Council on the development of relations with China and other countries of the East

Expert's commentaries

The Communications Systems Expert Council under CPMI was created with the aim of improving the quality of expert evaluation, engineering, construction and exploitation of communications systems. The Board includes not only CPMRI specialists, but also renowned specialists in the telecommunications industry.

The Chairman of the Communications Systems Expert Council

Aleksandr Polnikov is an honorary radio operator, communications master, Veteran of labor.

In 1968 he graduated from the Kuibyshev Electronic Technical Institute of Communications, in 1987 – from the Academy of National Economy under the USSR Cabinet.

Aleksandr has been working for more than 35 years in the communications industry. He has worked his way up from a mechanic to deputy head of the main department in communications installations construction under the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.

From 1971 to 1978 he worked in the construction and installation office of the Building and Construction Department-402 of “Svyazstroy-4” trust, where he held thepositions of an engineer, head engineer and head of Mobile Mechanical Division-402.

From 1978 to 1980 he was the head engineer and director of “Svyazstroy-4” trust in Kazan.

From 1980 to 1993 he was the head engineer of Russian association “Rossvyazstroy” under the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.

From 1993 to 1995 he was the first vice-president of the “Svyazstroy” company group.

From 1995 to 1998 he was the head of the main department of capital development at the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.

From 1998 to 2004 – Chief operating officer – director of the construction and capital investment department of JSC “Svyazinvest”.

From 2004 to 2006 – director of the representational office of JSC “Sibirtelecom” in Moscow.

From 2006 to 2011 – advisor to the CEO of JSC “Giprosvyaz”.

From 2011 to present – director of the Center for Non-government Expert Evaluation “ExpertTelecom” (Autonomous Non-commercial Organization “ExpertTelecom”).

Materials of the Expert Council on communications systems

The Investments Expert Council under CPMI was created with the aim of developing the sphere of research and pilot projects in the field of investment activity management.

The Chairman of the Investments Expert Council

Boris Volkov is a meritorious worker of Russian Federation tertiary schools, professor, Doctor of Economics, an active member of the International Academy of Investment and Construction Economics (IAICE), International Informatization Academy (IIA), Russian Academy of Transportation (RAT). In IAICE he is a member of the academy presidium. He has worked in site surveys, engineering and construction of transportation objects in Ural and Siberia, including the following new railway lines: Tumen-Surgut, Reshoti-Karabula, Miass-Mezhozernaya; side tracks: Ekaterinburg-Druzhinino, Ekaterinburg-Gorablagodatsk; electrification of railway lines: Ekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk.

Since 1971 Boris Volkov has been the head of the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MSURE) research school of perfecting efficiency assessment methods for investments and innovation in railway transport and transport construction. At present Boris is a professor at the Faculty of “Economy of Construction Business and Property Management” at MSURE.

Boris Volkov is a Meritorious railway worker, honorary builder, honorary transport builder, honorary worker in higher professional education, honorary professor at MSURE. He has more than 200 academic publications, including about 30 textbooks.

Materials of the Expert Council on investments

The Innovation Expert Council under CPMI was created with the aim of developing the sphere of research and designs in the field of innovation activity management and its progress tracking.

The Chairman of the Innovation Expert Council

Aleksandr Ermakov graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a degree in engineering and construction (“Weight-handling, building, transport means and equipment” specialization) and economist/manager (“Economy and management at an enterprise” specialization).

Aleksandr's diploma works concern the topical problem of providing ecological security in the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation. As a result of the conducted research, an innovative mobile utilizing complex was designed. A conceptual project of its implementation was prepared.

After graduation, Aleksandr started working at JSC “Gazprom Automation”.

Aleksandr has worked at the operating level of management on projects of JSC “Gazprom avtomatizaciya” information-analytical systems installation as part of the informational support strategy of JSC “Gazprom”. Aleksandr's main achievements as part of the JSC “Gazprom avtomatizaciya” project team were: the transfer to commercial operation of the information-management system of material and technical resources of JSC “Gazprom”, the completion of the design of a modernized automated dispatcher control system of the JSC “Gazprom” unified gas supply system and the conducting of its independent preliminary tests.

In April 2014 Aleksander's presentation “Development and options of the implementation of mobile utilizing complexes for the clearance of northern Russian territory” was awarded first place at the IV Russian Research and Practice Conference for Young Specialists “Support of Effective Functioning of the Gas Industry”. Aleksander has been awarded the Diploma of the Civic Chamber and the Academic Board of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

Materials of the Expert Council on innovations


The article "To the question of cooperation of higher educational institutions and enterprises in the framework of innovative development of Russian economy", journal "European Social Science Journal" 6/2015

The article "Analysis of problems of cooperation between Universities and industrial enterprises", journal "European Social Science Journal", 10(1) 2014

The article "Analysis of indicators of innovative activity of Russia" Alexander Ermakov (journal of the national Association of scholars" Part 1, No. 5, 2014 )

The article "Analysis of options to ensure maintenance of it infrastructure of large corporations" Natalia Period, Alexander Ermakov (journal of automation &IT in energy" №12 (65) 2014 )

The article "Approaches to assessing the effective functioning of Advisory bodies under the companies" Alexander Ermakov ( "Management today" 06(84)2014 )

The article "Proposals for comprehensive mechanization of cleaning processes of the Russian arctic within the framework of the development strategy of the arctic zone in Russian Federation", Ecological Herald of Russia №7, June 2014.

The article "Trips to the introduction of information management systems in subsidiaries and branches of large companies and holdings" Alexander Ermakov ("automation & IT in the energy industry" №8 (61) 2014)

The Experts Council on PPP project management under CPMI was created with the aim of forming and developing Russian methodologies in public-private partnership (PPP) project management.

Chairman of The Experts Council on PPP project management

Denis Dyachenko is the director of the CPMI project management group.

Denis Dyachenko graduated with honors from the Faculty of Economy at the Saint-Petersburg State University and from the Faculty of Automated Control Systems and Computing Technology at the Mozhaiskiy Military Engineering and Space Academy.

Since 2000, Denis has been working on the development of software and the creation of automated information systems. Since 2006 Denis has specialized in problems of improving project management efficiency, re-engineering of business processes and their automation.

Materials of the Expert Council on PPP projects’ management


"Guidelines for monitoring and risk management of the implementation process of investment projects", M&A №5 (9) 2014

The article " A comprehensive plan-fact analysis as a tool to identify the risks of projects ", "Financial Risk Management " 02 (38) 2014

The Construction Pricing Expert Council under CPMI was created with the aim of improving the efficiency of the principles and conceptions of price formation, including in the field of expert evaluation of the pricing system. One of the key directions of the Board's activity is the participation in the updating of pricing policies in construction, including perfecting approaches to price formation at the stage of project documentation.

The Chairman of the Council is Said Abdrakhmanov, Meritorious Builder of the Russian Federation. The Council includes CPMI experts and leading Russian experts in the field of pricing and construction.

Chairman of the The Construction Pricing Expert Council

Said Abdrakhmanov, Meritorious Builder of the Russian Federation, honorary railway worker, honorary builder of the Russian Federation, honorary transport builder, honorary economist of the Russian Federation. He has more then 40 years of experience in construction and has occupied several positions of importance, including in the USSR Ministry of Transportation Construction, the state corporation “Transstroy” and the “Inzhtransstroy” corporation. He has participated in the construction of Olympic venues in Sochi and many other important infrastructural objects of the USSR and the Russian Federation.
Said Abdrakhmanov has been awarded the jubilee merit badge “For Services in Transportation Construction” of the 3rd degree, the badge “Veteran of Transportation Construction”, the order “For Services in the Development of the Construction Industry of the Russian Federation” and other state awards and distinctions.

 Materials of the Expert Council on price formation in the construction


The article "the economic efficiency of the use in the construction of inventions and rationalization proposals", journal of "Rationing and wages in construction 1-2/2015

The article "On matters of accounting estimates for the difference in the cost of electricity generated from mobile power , compared with the cost of electricity supplied power system of Russia" , Journal " Information Bulletin Mosoblekspertiza » №3 (46)

The Project Management Expert Council under CPMI was created with the aim of improving project management efficiency and perfecting tools for monitoring the project realization process. The results of the council’s work include: methodological recommendations, developed according to modern requirements in business and government bodies.

The Council includes specialists of CPMI and leading Russian researchers and experts in the field of project management.

Chairman of the Project Management Expert Council

Natalya Persod is the deputy chairman of the CPMI Council of supervisors.

Natalya graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (MIREA) with a degree in ACS. Since 2007 Nataya has worked in several subsidiaries of JSC “Gazprom” in project management and inspection of information-analytical and managing systems.

In 2009 Natalya became the director of the Office of Information-analytical Systems at JSC “Gazprom Automation” of JSC “Gazprom”. At the same time Natalya completed professional retraining at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) in information technologies and economics. She has also received several certificates from Project Management Association (SOVNET) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

Natalya Persod has received notes of acknowledgment from the directorate of JSC “Gazprom”, the Golden mark “For professional excellence” and many other diplomas.

Materials of the Expert Council on project management

Expert's commentaries


The article "The Project Office as a center of communications management " , Journal "Management Today » №4 April 2014

The article "The plan - actual analysis as a tool of risk management of investment projects" , Journal «CFIN»

The article " Project management as an element of effective corporate system ", magazine " Strategic Management " 03 (27) 2014

The article " Comprehensive analysis as a tool of financial risk management company ", magazine "Financial Director » №9 ( 141 ) September 2014

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