Main news

Director of NIIKPU joined the expert section of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Agreement signed with PJSC Gazprom

NIIKPU project completed in the framework of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of NGV fuel

NIII KPU as part of the Working Group on the development of PPP and CS agreement mechanisms in the field of IT under the RSPP Committee on Digital Economy

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NII KPU E.Sh. Juraev joined the RSPP Board

Director NIII KPU joined the expert council of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

The participation of representatives of the Research Institute of the Communist Party in the composition of the expert council on the import substitution of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Director of the Research Institute of the Communist Party became a member of the Council of the RF CCI on Intellectual Property

Expansion of cooperation with PJSC "Lukoil"

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the CPMI was appointed as a member of the Expert Council on Import Substitution and Improvement of Innovation Public Procurement in the transport sector at the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

The CPMI is included in the TK-481 of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology of Russia

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Research Institute of the Communist Party was appointed a board member of the MIC board of PPP Development

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the СPMI is appointed a member of the Expert Council on the software under the Russian Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation

CPMI is included in TC 100 of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology

Activities CPMI received a high rating

Heads of CPMI were included in Center of Monitoring of Peoples’ Front for Russia

Coordinated participation of CPMI Experts as experts of Government Commission on Fuel-Energy Complex

Skolkovo and CPMI are joining forces in solving issues on import substitution in RF

Center of Industry Solutions was created for the development, implementation and maintenance of business solutions and initiatives aimed at sustainable development, increasing competitiveness and technological modernization of the domestic production complexes in various industries and segments.

The Centre's activities is focused on industry solutions:

‒ the formation of targeted proposals on organizational and technological infrastructure of production complexes, including:

  • needs analysis of new production capacity of the enterprise modeling scenarios, and improve production efficiency;
  • analysis of foreign methodologies and standards, technological equipment and systems for the possibility of substitution of domestic counterparts for the needs of production complexes;
  • formation of proposals on regulating the market, including the creation of information-analytical databases, registries and directories of national products and services for production complexes;
  • express-analysis of the effectiveness of implementation of domestic advanced development and innovative technologies within the modernization of production facilities;
  • platform creation and organization for project implementation of localization of production of foreign products, and technology transfer;
  • creation and support of activity of consortias, such as consumer’s decisions, research centers, equipment manufacturers, software developers, development institutions and large corporations;

‒ organization and support of activity of industrial clusters and technology parks;

‒ formation of strategy of development of industrial enterprises;

‒ development of business plans for creation or development of production and technologies of critical infrastructure for industrial enterprises with their specifics of business organization, which use technologies and control systems;

‒ forming feasibility studies of industry business solutions.

Business decisions and initiatives developed by the Center of Industry Solutions are being successfully implemented at industrial complexes in mechanical engineering, fuel energy, petrochemicals, road sector, construction, metallurgy, industrial automation and information, as well as in the sector of industrial safety and environmental protection.

The Head of Center of Industry Solutions

One of the main tasks of the CPMI is the widest possible dissemination of knowledge and national experience in the project management.

In order to perform this task the electronic Expert Library has been founded at the Institute; the documents related to corporate and project management are being collected there:

  • methodological solutions in the project management;
  • historical materials;
  • the experts’ views in different subject areas;
  • the Institute employees’ publications and works, and other things.

The Library is a constantly updated resource - every week new articles, archival documents, publications and even books are posted there.

All information is publicly available and can be used with the obligatory reference to the Library of the CPMI.

The options for cooperation:

If you have materials about corporate and project management that may be interested for wide audience, we will be happy to post them in our Library! Of course, the person who will have provided his/her materials will be named.

If you are interested in using the methodological materials posted in the Expert Library of the CPMI, please, contact our specialists.

As to all options for cooperation, please, contact us by phone +7 (495) 787-90-03 or by e-mail

Director of the CPMI Experts Library

The main purpose of the CPMI Press Centre is to find and promote information about the national school of the operational and project management.

The Press Center’s empolyees collect the information about national management experience – they interview leading experts and industry leaders, publish the articles about the history of Russian and Soviet management and publish the archival materials.

The Press Centre of the CPMI invites all persons who have information, which is related to the project activity in all its kinds and forms, as well as certain projects. We invite everyone who has personally contacts with the notable managers of the Soviet and modern periods, who can share their experience with us.

If you have such information, please contact by phone +7 (915) 043-56-68 or by email

Director of the Press Center


  • lack of consolidated information on the management and implementation of  UFOCL projects;
  • a small number of national implemented projects in comparison with international experience;
  • fast-growing trends in the telecommunications industry;
  • exclusivity and complexity of project implementation.

The targets:

  • collection and consolidation of domestic and international experience in designing and construction of the UFOCL;
  • popularization of accumulated knowledge and experience in projects of the UFOCL construction in Russia and foreign countries;
  • development of the designing methodology, construction and management of the UFOCL projects;
  • development of the guidelines for the implementation of projects to construct the UFOCL.

The tasks:

  • provision of consulting services for the implementation of the UFOCL projects in Russia from the design stage till the construction completion;
  • provision of consulting services in the execution of the work on obtaining approval documents for researchers and the UFOCL construction;
  • consulting support for implementation of the projects on the UFOCL construction.

Start of the UFOCL project on the construction:

  • pre-project documentation development (cameral project);
  • development the sections “OVOS” and “Schedule of measures”;
  • conducting regional public hearings on the progress of marine researches;
  • obtaining a positive findings of the Main Environmental Expertise of Materials to conduct marine researches along the projected UFOCL route;
  • conducting the marine and environmental researches along the projected UFOCL route;
  • the project documentation development for the construction of the projected UFOCL;
  • the working documentation development for the construction of the projected UFOCL;
  • development the section on the environmental conservation during the UFOCL construction;
  • calculation and coordination of damage to the environment caused by the UFOC construction;
  • conducting regional public hearings on the progress of the construction and installation works;
  • obtaining the positive findings of the Main Environmental Expertise of Materials to the UFOC construction;
  • obtaining a positive findings of “FAA RF State Expert Evaluation Department”;
  • Obtaining the UFOC construction permission.

Managing of the UFOC construction project.

Conducting the project weekly monitoring in order to control problem situations and risk management. Making proposals to minimize the risks.

Support for the UFOC construction project.

Director of the Center for UFTL Development

The main tasks of the Innovative Support Centre:

  • collect and consolidate the information available to the public about innovative ideas and implemented innovative solutions in the field of economy, management and industry of the Russian Federation;
  • conduct the initial expert examination of proposed innovative ideas and  innovations;
  • support innovative solutions.

The main functions of the Centre:

  • Concerning collection and consolidation of the information:
  • monitoring of information resources for  innovative ideas and innovations;
  • formation of a consolidated register of promising innovative ideas and innovations;
  • classification of innovative ideas and innovations from the registry according to work complementation stages and to possible areas of their implementation;
  • publication of the consolidated register of classified innovative ideas and promising designs on the CPMI’s site.

Concerning initial expert examination:

  • conduct initial technological expertise;
  • conduct initial economic efficiency assessment;
  • conduct initial assessment of influence of innovative ideas and innovations on the environment and the social sphere.

Concerning support of the innovative solutions:

  • counseling the innovators how to implement  innovative solutions;
  • provide information on the innovative solutions to the third parties concerned through forums, conferences or open communication;
  • form the  business plans drafts for the implementation of innovative ideas and innovations.

The Centre activity is controlled and coordinated by the Innovation Expert Council of the CPMI.

Director of The Center for Innovative Monitoring under CPMI

Nowdays it is very important to develop the competence and to improve the legislation in the course of PPP projects implementation.

Today, however, we see the following issues in PPP projects realization:

  • underdeveloped legislative framework for cooperation in the field of PPP;
  • lack of mechanisms to stimulate growth in the number of PPP projects;
  • absence of professional community organizations which can play role as moderator between government and business;
  • absence of competence in managing the implementation of the PPP projects;
  • absence of regulatory framework for PPP project management, including in the field of:
  • project planning;
  • approaches unity during the drafting;
  • management tools to implement the projects;
  • risk management for the projects;
  • lack of quality assurance at all stages and phases of the project implementations.

What prevents to improve the implementation of PPP projects today?

The stage of initiation (search activity for investment) takes the main place in the implementation of PPP projects. But usually the main problems in the project arise at the stage of implementation and maintenance. That is why the issue of management and organization of the PPP project is so important. The result will depend directly upon the involvement and decision-making by both parties (the government and business partner).

In order to study the problems of the PPP projects and to develop the methodological recommendations and solutions of the PPP Project Management Centre was founded in the CPMI. Currently, the Centre has the following targets:

  • create a regulatory framework for the PPP project management and its application in practice;
  • develop of competence in the PPP project management;
  • form the tools to stimulate the social responsibility in the course of the PPP projects implementations.

The Centre provides commercial support for organizations involved in the PPP projects. Center’s specialists will help to solve the problem of the PPP project management, including:

  • development of the methodology for the PPP project management;
  • building the system of the PPP project management;
  • development the tools for the PPP project management;
  • creation the guidelines for managing of the PPP projects;
  • development the methodological recommendations to transfer the experience in managing of the PPP projects and others.

Director of The Center for PPP Project Management under CPMI