• The project offices of different types of projects and programs

What we do?

  • We organize the project offices;
  • We develop organizational documents for the project offices:
    • Order on the project office establishment and assignment of the head of the project office;
    • Position of the project office;
    • Draft of organizational structure of the project office;
    • Requirements for the project office’s staff, duty regulations;
    • Procedure, Rules and Regulations of the project office;
    • List of projects controlled by the project office;
    • Requirements to the project office;
    • Requirements to working places in the project office;
    • Information security requirements;
    • The project office’s budget;
    • Methodological recommendations on cost control of the project office;
    • Establishment of the project office’s media portal;
    • Regulations on the project groups in the project office;
    • Resource plan of the project office according to the actual projects;
  • We develop procedural and methodological documents on project management and the project office organization (for particular project):
    • The project management regulations;
    • An album of the model of the project management process;
    • Model Regulations for the project office;
    • The project standard charter;
    • Typical organizational structure of the project;
    • Album of standard reporting forms;
    • Guidelines to conduct a plan-fact analysis (terms, budget, resources, results);
    • Guidelines on the organization of the management levels cooperation in risk management;
    • The project office participants’ responsibility matrix.

Who is interested?

  • Companies of any form of ownership and with different spheres of activity;
  • Public authorities;
  • Banks.

Why do we do it?

  • Need in streamlining and standartization as a part of improvement of companies’ management;
  • Need in efficiency assessment of the functioning project office;
  • Development of communication management (between project participants);
  • Need in infrastructural support of project management process;
  • Project office can become a center of responsibility;
  • Lack of the regulatory framework for the management processes that determine main functions and authorities of the project office.

General objectives of the project office:

  • Centralization and coordination of the project management process;
  • Cooperation of project participants in order to unify communication management rules;
  • Resource management;
  • Knowledge management;
  • Support for the project management methodology, regulatory framework and reporting activities;
  • Carrying out the effective monitoring, time management in order to optimize the project work.

The objectives are achieved with the help of:

  • Development of organizational documents for the project office;
  • Establishing guidelines for the project office organization/reorganization;
  • Development of project management tools in the framework of the project office’s activities;
  • Development of methodological recommendations for knowledge transfer;
  • Optimization of interactions between the project office key participants in the framework of the project management process;
  • Development of procedural and methodological documents in framework of project management;
  • Development of the project management system in the framework of the project office.