• Government and commercial large-scale projects and programs.

What we do?

  • We professionally and effectively implement large scale-projects and programs as the general contractor.

Who is interested?

  • Companies of any form of ownership and with different spheres of activity.
  • Public authorities.
  • Banks.

Why do we do it?

  • Stakeholders’/top management’s (companies/public authorities) need in effective and professional management of projects and programs.
  • Significant company’s expenditures associated with restructuring in order to establish specialized subdivisions for implementation of projects and programs.


  • Provision of comprehensive services for organizing and managing of large-scale projects and programs as a general contractor.

The objective:

  • Provide the Customer an implemented project or program within the given time constraints, cost, resources and that meets the Customer’s requirements, ideas and suggestions, legal and regulatory standards.

The objective is achieved with the help of:

  • recruited employees and experts of the CPMI who was involved in large-scale projects on the automation of the companies in the fuel and energy complex, the processing industry and in other large construction projects;
  • application of best practices (foreign and national) adapted to the current macroeconomic and microeconomic circumstances in Russian Federation;
  • regular monitoring of the implementation progress of project/program and rapid identification of possible risks that enables timely decision-making for risk management.

The CPMI’s tasks within the proposal:

  • planning of the implementation of project;
  • formation of team and its management;
  • establishment of project office;
  • communication management;
  • creating a full-featured system for monitoring of the implementation progress;
  • risk management;
  • contract and procurement management;
  • time management;
  • budget management;
  • quality management;
  • cost control.

Results for the Customer:

  • successfully implemented project;
  • embodiment of all ideas and suggestions;
  • minimal risks;
  • compliance with the budget;
  • quality guarantee.