Services provided:

  • Launch of PPP projects;
  • Progress tracking of PPP projects;
  • Management of PPP project realization.


  • Government bodies (initiators);
  • Companies working on PPP projects, of any ownership and fields of work (investors);
  • Project organizations created in the frameworks of PPP projects.

Object of services:

  • Projects which are being realized according to the principles of Public-Private Partnership (PPP).


  • An inadequate competency level of companies managing PPP projects;
  • The absence of a normative and methodological base in PPP project management, including in:
    • Project planning;
    • Uniformity in approaches to project preparation;
    • Tools of project realization management;
    • Project risk management.


  • Provision of services in PPP project management.

Tasks in hand:

  • The building of a PPP turnkey project management system;
  • The implementation of means and automation systems of PPP project management processes;
  • The development of methodological recommendations in PPP project management;
  • Personnel consulting and the transfer of experience in PPP project management.