• Company’s corporate management system at owners’ (stakeholders’) level;
  • Company’s executive management system at Board level;
  • Project/program management system.

What we do?

  • We establish (reorganize) committees/councils and other advisory management bodies at the company.

Who is interested?

  • Companies of any form of ownership and with different spheres of activity;
  • Public authorities;
  • Banks.

Why do we do it?

  • Current committees do not achieve their targets;
  • There is no committees’ performance dynamics;
  • Tasks are running late.

Effective committee is an expert/professional community limited by the specific subject area (activity), yielding results for project, government, business and society on the whole, depending on the committee’s level.

The objective of the Effective committee is to identify problems and to prepare/make decisions in order to eliminate or minimize risks.

Results of the Effective committee’s performance should be:

  • concrete;
  • measurable;
  • achievable;
  • dynamical;
  • limited in time;
  • carried out by responsible executives.

The Effective committee’s principles:

  • the Committee discusses only topical problems;
  • the Committee works regularly;
  • the Committee works effectively;
  • the Committee’s activities are controlled;
  • the Committee is responsible for its efficiency;

Tools to achieve the Effective Committee’s objectives are the following:

  • typical organizational structure of the Committee;
  • typical methodology;
  • control system of the Committee’s activities;
  • Committee motivation system.

Stages of the Committee’s reengineering are the following:

  • conducting preliminary analysis of the Committee's work;
  • establishment the Effective Committee at pilot area;
  • replication of the developed approach for other committees.

Positive effect:

  • efficiency;
  • organizing and arranging the Committees’ work;
  • the process is made methodologically;
  • use of typical organizational structures and typical methodology reduces time and resources needed to support the Committees’ activity.