• Particular project.

What we do?

  • We provide an opportunities and applications of control and corrective actions at all stages of projects - from initiation till commissioning, including improvement of a project’s monitoring systems, application of tools to assess the planned and actual indicators of a project’s implementation, and risk management system;
  • We form common principles and approaches of project management, including a unified structure, standards and monitoring tools at all stages of project;
  • We systematize project management model;
  • We restructure project management processes;
  • We help to achieve planned results of the projects implementation;
  • We form an objective assessment of the project implementation process;
  • We improving project planning system.

Why do we do it?

  • Need in accurate information for decisions about investing in the project;
  • Need in assessment of the project’s effectiveness in order to achieve the optimum ratio of the costs for the project implementation and the results achieved during the implementation;
  • Need in obtaining of accurate information about the project implementation process in the required sections and with the required level of detail;
  • Need in systematized and formalized process and procedures of project management, including system of planning and coordination;
  • Need in a comprehensive assessment of the project’s implementation;
  • Absence of regulatory framework for the project management processes.

Who is interested?

  • Companies of any form of ownership and with different spheres of activity;
  • Public authorities;
  • Banks.

Offer’s tasks are the following:

  • Carrying out an analysis of the project management process, including:
    • organizational structure of the project;
    • project monitoring and control systems (from the performance level to the strategic (corporate) level);
    • applied methodology, procedures and tools of the project management.
  • forming a regulatory framework for the project management;
  • development of proposals for the customer on reengineering/improvement of the methods/tools for the project management based on its domain;
  • implementation/restructuring of the project management process.

Stages of the Project management audit:

  • formation of the audit plan;
  • conducting a survey in order to systematize and describe the current project management situation:
    • current model of the project management process;
    • current scheme of responsibility areas;
  • development of a report on the survey findings;
  • identification of bottlenecks in the project management process in order to improve its effectiveness;
  • conducting a comprehensive plan-fact analysis of the project key indicators, identification of deviations and their subsequent analysis to determine the causes;
  • development of proposals (target model) to improve the project management system:
    • target model of the project management process;
    • target scheme of responsibility areas;
    • rationale of changes to implement.
  • development of an implementation plan for target model of the project management.