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The main purpose of the Corporate and Project Management Institute (CPMI) is the creation of a national school of corporate and project management, which is based on the consolidation of unique Soviet experience, its integration with the best international practices and their adaptation to the modern requirements and realities.

For this reason research projects are the main activity of the institute.

The research interests of the institute can be divided into two fields:

  1. The creation of own methodological plans and standard documents, which are ready for use in organizations of large-scale external and internal projects, including government and commercial ones.
  2. The search for, gathering and publication of materials and documents about corporate and project management. With this aim the CPMI Experts Library was opened, in which the following materials are contained and constantly updated:
    • CPMRI scientific and methodological research papers;
    • Articles and publications of CPMI employees and members of the Institute Expert Councils;
    • Conference materials;
    • An archive of documents concerning project management in the Soviet period;
    • Historical materials: histories of large-scale project realization, biographies and interviews of leading Russian specialists etc.

We hope that the published materials will be useful to everybody who is interested in problems of corporate and project management in Russia.

Scientific and practical development

The Corporate and Project Management Institute (CPMI) was founded in 2013 to improve the effectiveness of corporate and project management in Russia.

The Institute’s main objective is foundation of the national school and the practice of corporate and project management by combining the unique Soviet experience, integrating it with the best international practices and adapting it to the modern requirements and realities.

Today, the CPMI is the only post-Soviet organization, which is professionally engaged in actual management issues:

  • integration of corporate and project management;
  • implementation of project management in the structure of public-private partnerships;
  • the study of the Russian school of project management.

The Institute’s branch of activities:

  • corporate management;
  • project management;
  • monitoring of the programs;
  • risk management;
  • assessment of efficiency.

The experts and the staff of the CPMI participated in different large-scale projects on automation of the fuel and energy complex and the processing industry, in the construction of large projects in such companies as Gazprom, Sberbank, Rosneft and others. In addition our specialists worked with the regional administrative authorities for the projects implementation (YNAD, Astrakhan). Also they were invited as experts for investment programs. The Expert Councils of the CPMI include specialists who worked on projects in Salekhard, Urengoy, Moscow and St. Petersburg. 





























































































Corporate documents

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