For business services the Institut uses own solutions and the experience of its practical knowledge on general management, large-scale projects and programs management including on the subject areas and certain sectors. The main area of commercial services is the projects workflow management and work at the companies that are actively investing and project activities.

Main services:

Additional services:

  • “Effective Committee” means foundation/reorganization committees, councils and other advisory bodies on the executive and strategic levels at the company, the main principle of which is EFFECTIVENESS.
  • “PPP projects management”. It is creating the PPP projects management system (project financing, lease financing).
  • “Project management audit” is carrying out of an analysis of the project management processes and elaboration of proposals for customers to improve the project management system in the company.
  • “Audit of the project management” is the analysis of the processes of the project management (from the organizational structure to the methodology and tools of project management) and elaboration of proposals for customers on reengineering/improvement of the methods/tools to manage the project according to the project subject areas.

Our clients:

  • large companies with any form of ownership with different spheres of activity;
  • federal and regional public authorities;
  • banks;
  • other project investors.

The things enabling us to ensure the result:

  • large experience in the large-scale projects/programs implementation, both as a general contractor and as a customer;
  • we use our own completed project management methodology that has proven its effectiveness in many completed projects;
  • the team of highly skilled professionals, managers (experienced more  than 10 years in the managing of projects and programs), experts in the subject areas of management (investments, budgeting, scheduling, resource provision, legislation, etc.), and experts with many years experience in implementing of the large-scale projects/programs in different sectors (energy, oil and gas, road and railway construction, information technology and high-tech solutions, telecommunications, ecology and environmental safety etc.).


We believe that the project’s success depend
on organization of its implementation.