December 21, 2018 Director of NIIKPU N.V. Vezirov took part in the meeting of the Technical Committee on Standardization "Intellectual Property" (TC-481) of Rosstandart, held at the site of the Republican Research Institute of Intellectual Property (RNIIIS).

The meeting addressed a number of issues, including those related to the development of draft national standards in the field of intellectual property: “Intellectual property. Management in a credit institution ”,“ Intellectual property. Management in the stock market "," Intellectual property. Accounting and intangible assets ", amendments to GOST R 58233-2018" Intellectual property. Antimonopoly regulation and protection against unfair competition "(in terms of the definition in clause 3.16 of the standard of the term" counterfeit "). During the meeting, it was also decided, within the framework of the implementation of the cooperation agreement with TK-124, to send for examination and preparation of an opinion on GOST R projects in accordance with the competence of the subcommittees in PC 1 TK481 “Protection against counterfeit”:

  • “The system of protection against fraud and counterfeit. Methods to ensure and control the authenticity of products and documents. General provisions ",
  • “The system of protection against fraud and counterfeit. Traceability of production. General requirements",
  • “The system of protection against fraud and counterfeit. Criteria for the effectiveness of authentication solutions used to combat counterfeit products ",
  • “The system of protection against fraud and counterfeit. Counterfeit and counterfeit electronic products. Requirements for distributors.

In addition, the results of the work of the committee for 2018 were summed up. and a plan was formed for 2019.