Niyaz Vezirov, Alexander Ermakov and Elena Yanchuk, experts of CPMI, took part in the event “School of Young Leaders” at the People’s Friendship University of Russia, which took placefrom 13th till 26th of July. They made a speech on the topic “Greatest Russian projects”.

Before the start we asked Nataliya Persod,the deputy chairperson of the supervisory board, some questions.

Nataliya Persod, how did the idea come to your mind to take part in this event?

Frankly speaking, we were glad to share our experience with young European specialists, because we closely study national management experience in large-scale projects and we have more than 10 years of practice in such project management .

We do it with great pride. All that was done in the Soviet Union by our fathers and grandfathers, for us is not only work achievements, but unique world achievements. Just imagine a gas pipeline that has the length of eight European countries. To be more accurate, this gas pipeline crosses through all of Europe, from Romania to Spain, and was built in three years! And you will understand what the pipeline “Urengoy – Pomary – Uzhgorod” is!

We hope that our report will be interesting for our European colleges, because project management is one of the topical themes during the realization of investment projects and programs.

We have a difficult situation in the world now. Will you address political questions during the event?

The purpose of our speech is not a proof of our political creed! It’s a report of our unique Russian projects, where we could realize ourselves and open our potential.
Some of our projects are connected with European counties.

Did you pay attention to national management experience?

Yes, of course. We think that national management experience is a relevanttheme. And we do our work with the help of this experience. But we don’t ignore western methods, we use, change and adapt them to the modern requirements.

Today in CPMRI we have a large package of researched project and program management methodologies, which show us how it works.

On 23rd of July the CPMRI’s report was started by institute’s expert, the head of department of cooperation with public organizations and government bodies Niyaz Vezirov.

In his part of the presentation he spoke about three Soviet megaprojects – the construction of Baikal – Amur Mainline, the Baikonur Cosmodrome and Urengoy – Pomary – Uzhgorod pipeline.

Then Alexander Ermakov, expert of the institute and head of the Innovations Expert Council, spoke about famous Soviet projects analogs.

He spoke about three projects. They are South Stream, Vostochniy Cosmodrome and Baikal – Amur Mainline 2.

Elena Yanchuk’s speech was like a training seminar. She offered Russia and European Union the scheme of co-financing projects in equal part. This project is about constructing wind power and solar power stations in Siberia with all necessary ecological safety in the regions where the stations will be built.

The other project was about cooperation. The talk was about a cluster of industrial, agricultural and educational parts. The idea of cooperation was actively discussed in European countries. In EU they think more and more about polyfunctional vertically and horizontally integrated holdings, which will give the minimization industrial risks at diversifying investments in various sectors under a single management structure.

After presentation the scheme of integration EU and Russia in industry orientation, the authors of the project think that the list of EU can coordinate efforts with list of

Russian companies, if there is a single point of entry into the integrated market. The members would communicate more easily if we had a Russian-European “hub” where they could discuss and realize perspective ideas.

The members of the event were from UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Bulgaria. They respect the Russian realization of large-scale projects.

The event was friendly and everybody was happy with how it went. In the end there was contact exchange.