The methodology is based on our own experts' developments, which were acquired from their experience of managing large-scale projects and programs. And combining all national peculiarity of project management with the best western methodologies and practices.

Methodology program management, which was created in CPMRI, includes:

  • Graph schemes and describing the process of managing the programs in detail. This process is structured in following fields: managing the content, human recourses, integration, communication, the value, risks, problem situations, purchases and contracts.
  • The description of the typical organizational structure of the program (program office, operating Council, management Council).
  • The description the role models of program members in detail.
  • Proposal of the distribution of responsibilities and competencies between the participants in the program.
  • The template of main documents, which is connected to program management (It may be in Microsoft Word, Micosoft Excel, Microsoft Project): Time-plan of program, risks map and map of problem situations, registry of changing, the progress report on the implementation of program etc.
  • The template of time-plan of program for Miscosoft Project with all necessary documents and reports.

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