On June 6, 2017, the Federal Agency for Technological Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) ordered a set of national standards, including the Research Institute of Corporate and Project Management. Standards dedicated to one of the most topical issues at the moment in the field of management are knowledge management. Among them:

1. Knowledge management. Terms and Definitions;
2. Knowledge management. Best Practice Guide for the Public Sector;
3. Knowledge management. A staff guide for working with knowledge. Measurement of knowledge;
4. Knowledge management. Best Practices Guide;
5. Knowledge management. Interrelation with organizational functions and disciplines. Best Practices Guide;
6. Management of organizational culture and knowledge. Best Practices Guide;
7. Knowledge management. Mastery of knowledge acquisition Best practice guide;
8. Knowledge management. Knowledge management in the field of construction. Best Practices Guide.

Recall that TC 100 in accordance with state and national standards and draft amendments to them, conducts their scientific and technical and legal expertise, various projects of international standards, etc.

NII KPU is a member of TC 100 since 2015.