NII KPU cooperates with the largest national universities, such as the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Government (RASHiGS) and the Moscow State University of Railway Transport (MIIT). NII KPU for the passage of students of industrial practice.

Beginners receive practical experience in participating in project activities, understanding of its foundations and basic principles, as well as overprofessional skills that are an integral part of the competence of future employees.

At the moment, students of the social sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences and students - winners of the VIII Championship on the solution of business cases, who took place on April 25, At the Institute of Economics and Finance of the State Archives of the State Educational Institution of the Higher School of Economics "Moscow State University of Communications of the Emperor Nicholas II" MGUPS (MIIT).

Topics of student work touch upon actual problems of project management in such areas as public-private partnership and project office. Based on the results of practice, students will be published in the library of the NII KPU.