CPMRI has prepared for publishing a book entitled “Organizing the work of the Board of Directors. Methodological Recommendations”, edited by the Chairman of the CPMRI Board of Supervisors, Eldar Dzhuraev, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Independent Directors, Aleksander Filatov.

The main aim of the book is to fine-tune the work of boards of directors (BD) in stock companies.

The book tells about the work of BD, its composition and structure, the role of the BD Chairman. The different procedures for the work of this strategic organ for company management are listed. Examples of procedures for decision-making are adduced. The work of its committees, conflict management and a detailed analysis of the functions of an executive secretary are also included.

A special place in the book is occupied by the methodology of conducting a plan/actual analysis (PAA), which is developed by CPMRI. The methodology is divided into three chapters, focusing on the principles of PAA, its data support and procedure.

The book is addressed to a wide circle of professionals improving themselves in the field of corporate management.