The Chairman of the Expert Council on innovations

Aleksandr Ermakov graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a degree in engineering and construction (“Weight-handling, building, transport means and equipment” specialization) and economist/manager (“Economy and management at an enterprise” specialization).

Aleksandr's diploma works concern the topical problem of providing ecological security in the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation. As a result of the conducted research, an innovative mobile utilizing complex was designed. A conceptual project of its implementation was prepared.

After graduation, Aleksandr started working at JSC “Gazprom Automation”.

Aleksandr has worked at the operating level of management on projects of JSC “Gazprom avtomatizaciya” information-analytical systems installation as part of the informational support strategy of JSC “Gazprom”. Aleksandr's main achievements as part of the JSC “Gazprom avtomatizaciya” project team were: the transfer to commercial operation of the information-management system of material and technical resources of JSC “Gazprom”, the completion of the design of a modernized automated dispatcher control system of the JSC “Gazprom” unified gas supply system and the conducting of its independent preliminary tests.

Materials of the Expert Council on innovations


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