Center of Industry Solutions was created for the development, implementation and maintenance of business solutions and initiatives aimed at sustainable development, increasing competitiveness and technological modernization of the domestic production complexes in various industries and segments.

The Centre's activities is focused on industry solutions:

‒ the formation of targeted proposals on organizational and technological infrastructure of production complexes, including:

  • needs analysis of new production capacity of the enterprise modeling scenarios, and improve production efficiency;
  • analysis of foreign methodologies and standards, technological equipment and systems for the possibility of substitution of domestic counterparts for the needs of production complexes;
  • formation of proposals on regulating the market, including the creation of information-analytical databases, registries and directories of national products and services for production complexes;
  • express-analysis of the effectiveness of implementation of domestic advanced development and innovative technologies within the modernization of production facilities;
  • platform creation and organization for project implementation of localization of production of foreign products, and technology transfer;
  • creation and support of activity of consortias, such as consumer’s decisions, research centers, equipment manufacturers, software developers, development institutions and large corporations;

‒ organization and support of activity of industrial clusters and technology parks;

‒ formation of strategy of development of industrial enterprises;

‒ development of business plans for creation or development of production and technologies of critical infrastructure for industrial enterprises with their specifics of business organization, which use technologies and control systems;

‒ forming feasibility studies of industry business solutions.

Business decisions and initiatives developed by the Center of Industry Solutions are being successfully implemented at industrial complexes in mechanical engineering, fuel energy, petrochemicals, road sector, construction, metallurgy, industrial automation and information, as well as in the sector of industrial safety and environmental protection.

The Head of Center of Industry Solutions